Monday, January 26, 2015

Help Me With My Living Room: Part One.

We moved into this house two years ago, darn near. During the same time we moved the shop from Pacific to the current Sumner location. It has been a whirlwind of activity since then and I have done frighteningly little to make this place feel like a home. I have plenty of excuses to validate my behavior, of course (duh), but they all pale in comparison to the simple fact that I DO THIS FOR A LIVING AND IT IS INEXCUSABLE TO NOT LIVE WHAT YOU DO.
One of my main excuses is lack of time. I am busy doing stuff for other people's houses. Which I totally love. And also, a tight budget is all kinds of happening over here. By tight budget I really mean that there really is no kind of money for anything. Welcome to the realities of small business ownership. But making your house a home is not a luxury. Really. We all need the groovy feeling you get when you are cozy and proud in your home. When you make it a reflection of yourself and your family.
Is that something you can relate to? The busy-ness? The budget? Not making your house a home for whatever reason?
So, I figure, I will embarrass myself for your entertainment and hopefully for both of our benefits. Being cute on a budget is the whole cornerstone of Persnickety's, so what do you think? I think: let's do it.

Living/dining room wishlist:
1. Area rug, 8x10 qty 2. 1 for dining, 1 for living room.
2. Window treatments for bay window of design doom and sliding glass door of dog muck.
3. Furniture piece to replace scary makeshift halfass painted media storage unit. Must be awesome. Bookcase? Hutch?
4. Very narrow depth sofa table.
5. Slipcover for dog couch. Preferably one that does not suck and won't rip every other day.
6. Chairs for dining room table*.
7. *Refinish the dining room tabletop I ruined by painting on it without a dropcloth like a jackass.
8. Some sort of better photo display and/or photo wall. Walls! What am I going to put on the WALLS???
9. Chaise lounge to replace recliner (gasp). GASP. I have a recliner. I have a bad back. Shoot me.
10. Coffee table?  Ottoman? Something in the middle of the room?
11. Do all of this for less than 100.00. Ok, no. Not really. What...900.00? Idk.

List of Challenges:
1. Grey walls, white trim, dark wood floors...with a brown couch that can't be moved. Because see #2.
2. Tv mounted on wall above fireplace, and naturally everything has to be pointed toward the television. Including brown couch.
3. 3 dogs.
4. Rented home.
5. No money.
6. No entryway.
7. Weirdly shaped 80's house.

Let's see what we can do with this, shall we?

Follow along and I will show you the embarrassing before, the sure to be ridiculous during, and you can help me pick my items for what is hopefully going to be a truly awesome after.

Before pics will be coming soon. I may have to drink a lot of something prior to posting those. Because, I can feel your judgement already. It's ok. Don't blame ya but go easy on me!


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