Monday, April 20, 2015

Something NEW is Coming!

Do you want to know what will be joining American Paint Company in our paint and DIY lineup?

If you have ever attended one of our Drab to Fab furniture painting workshops over the last few years, chances are we have talked about this:

and how it is my tried and true go-to for the times wax is not appropriate for the job.
If you have had us paint cabinets for you, this is what was used to seal the paint. Dining tables, same thing.

We also use this by the bucket load:
Particularly in Java. Because it is dark and rich, and java by definition means coffee. So naturally, we are big fans. 

So it makes sense that you will finally be able to get all of these things in one spot. After the workshop, or any time.

Then there is this, which we will be carrying many (but not all) of the colors in quart size:
Now how is this paint different from the American Paint Company product I use and LOVE?

It is similar and different all at the same time, in my experience at least.


Little to no prepping/priming/sanding needed. Paint over existing surfaces all easy-peasy like.
Easy to use.
Water based for easy cleaning of your brushes and (if you're like me) your hands, arms, and hair.
Very little odor.
Good product yield per quart. Which means, basically, you can paint a lot of stuff with one quart.
APC Wax or GF High Performance topcoat works beautifully on both


APC covers and dries faster, with less coats due to being made with clay.
GF is a smoother finish, so less finish sanding required due to being made with latex.
APC layers color, adds dimension, and wet distresses like a boss for more rustic and weathered looks.
GF can be distressed and works beautifully for crisp and clean, modern finishes as well as rustic looks too.
And the coup de grace... you don't HAVE to wax or topcoat your General Finishes projects.
But you still should. In most cases.
But we can talk about that another time. Perhaps at a workshop? (wink)

So basically, in a nutshell of confusing words, they are both really great.
I have used GF for years in tandem with APC, and the more options available you can add to your palette equals more awesome stuff you are able to accomplish at home all DIY-y.

Our local friends at Modern Cottage Company in Tacoma, and Classic Farmhouse in Auburn are General Finishes retailers as well, and we look forward to working with them to bring you all the GF goodies you can handle. 

We should see product in the next week or so and will keep you updated. We are so excited and can't wait to let you know when the goods go in the paint case!

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