Monday, September 24, 2012

Blog Gang Initiation

Blog Gang Initiation

Would this make a cool neck tattoo?

An experienced and talented crafty blogger friend (Rachel of and I were joking today that we should start a gang.  
A crafty gang.  Packing nothing but straight paint brushes, yo.
We could recruit in the shady corners of Joanne Fabrics and Michael's.
Initiate new members with hot glue guns.

It was later decided that as she is a PTA president and I am a new local business owner, the whole gang thing would be a terrible idea.  
I mean, who has the time?

Between sourcing items for the shop, cleaning and painting those items, organizing and decorating the shop, helping customers, handling inventory brought in by the great local designers that contribute to the shop, custom painting, delivering, running the shop, doing the paperwork, trying to expand, marketing, answering emails, painting classes, rampant Facebooking
and my fantasy football league schedule, seriously...a gang would be too much.

A blog though...a blog I might be able to handle.  I kind of started one in the beginning know how it goes.  I'm willing to give it another shot and would love it if you came along for the ride.
Here's the first blog I did when we opened in May's about my mom.

Sh*t My Mom Says

My adorable Mom doesn't have a clue that she is the funniest person on the planet. To me, anyway.
Mom will be at the shop on Wednesdays and I cannot wait for you to meet her.
 Not only is she the most lovely, sweet, adorable, and helpful person in the world, she is also hilarious.

 Now, she thinks I am laughing AT her when she says some of the things that she does, but I swear I am cracking up because I think she is the most purely natural comedian ever.

Here are some prime examples of the things she has said/done lately, as well as some old favorites.

Upon finding a great old rocking chair while picking:
"There are two kinds of rocking chair people. People that rock in them on their porch outside and people with babies".
After someone bought a lantern that she found (but that I bought for the shop):
"You sold my lantern".
Regarding our differences in aesthetic (I was painting something bright orange at the time):
"You do whatever you want, I'm just here to help".
In response to Home Depot clerk asking her date of birth while purchasing spray paint:
"Uh, why on earth do you need to know THAT?"

Here are some all time favorites:

"Mandi, I just bought the Christmas tree of the future".
"Mmmhmm, see? Everyone that drives a CRX is crazy".
"I called and asked how many burritos I could take on the airplane".

Now, I know these things may only be super funny to those of us that know and love little Ma, but to know her is to love her.

The whole family worked furiously to get the shop open, but Mom has been (still is and always will be) irreplaceable. In the process of building out the shop I stupidly herniated a few discs in my back and have been unable to do all of the heavy lifting, bending, driving, and miscellaneous 9 million things I want and need to do...and Mom has been there at every turn, always telling me to knock it off, don't lift that, here's your ice pack, did you take your medicine.
 Driving me everywhere (which we have dubbed Driving Miss Lazy), going on errands for me, putting up with way more than I would ever want her to have to.

But, that's Mom. She's pretty much the best thing ever. She doesn't have a Facebook account, she doesn't read what I, when you meet her you should surreptitiously mention taking burritos on an airplane, Home Depot policies, or the Christmas tree of the future.
She puts the Awesomeness in Persnickety's Awesomeness Emporium. Come say hi.

Check out and like the shop at, it's a fun little place and hey, Mom is there.

Initiation complete...minus hot glue gun scars.

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