Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Weak Week and What's in the Works

The Weak Week.  The last week of the month.

Here at the shop it's usually the slowest in sales and 

crazy as hell

in all other ways.

Lots of custom orders that need to be finished, projects in progress that need to go into the shop...
it's one great big paint covered push.

Here are some pieces I am going to work on for the shop.

This is the piece I worked on today:

Her name is Lila and she's pretty but she's a pain.  
We *may* have had an argument but we left for the night on good terms so hopefully tomorrow she'll be more accommodating.

She's the sister to this piece, who was much more pleasant to work with and is currently in the shop:

Next in line for paint is this serpentine dresser and mirror:

I have been putting off painting him because a customer was debating on purchasing him as a restored rather than a painted piece.  I am actually really excited to paint him up, his shape is soooo...


Now I am debating on his color...I have a feeling he and I are going to have it out too.

After him is this handsome heavyweight highboy dresser:

He will be grey and cream and there is a giant mirror that will be painted to match.

And then...there's the piece that I can't even believe I agreed to paint:

It's a horrid picture of a hideous beast.  
She cannot be properly captured on film, like Sasquatch.
Do you see what she is?
Oh sure it LOOKS like it's a fantastic antique spindle headboard.
But if you paint by hand you know that twisty ass spindles are evil. 
The devil's handiwork.
Her name is Griselda and she is going to carpal tunnel me to an early grave.
However, her Exorcist puke colored exterior is begging for paint.
I figure if I post about this piece that it will keep me accountable enough to actually just get it done already.  
I think her new life will be a lot prettier in aqua.  
And she can stop haunting me from the corner of the stockroom.

What are you working on this week?  What the heck color should the serpentine dresser be?
Is the last week of the month a big pain in your rump?
Gimme a shout and we will laugh away what's weak this week :)



  1. Hi, new follower and I found you on Holy Craft! Wish I were closer but am going to recommend my cousin in Spokane come spend $$ in your store. :)

  2. Hi Betty! Isn't Holy Craft the raddest? Thanks so much for following and coercing your cousin :)) xoxo!