Monday, October 8, 2012

Design Challenge: Injecting Personality Into Your Home

Design Challenge

Injecting Personality Into Your Home

Is your house suffering from a "brown out".
Do you worry about what "goes"?
Are you color averse?
Got a big, blank GIANT wall?
I hear a lot of these struggles every day.  Lovely people yearning for color, suffering from a case of the blase', needing that special "something" that makes their house their home.
So let's tackle some common probs.
Here we go!

Issue 1:
"I live in a big giant new house full of builder grade everything".
Such a problem, right?
Well, actually, the bigger the house, the taller the ceilings, the newer the home, the more difficult it can be to change (or feel comfortable changing) the sterility of the white walls and the mahogany cabinets.
For this issue I like to delve deeper and find that one thing that bugs you most
and hurdle that sucker.
9 times out of 10 it's the cabinets that cause issues in an open floor plan because there is a tendency to try to "match" everything.  
That's how you end up living in a "brown out". 
Everything is 50 shades of beige, brown, tan.
So, sometimes we paint cabinets.  Yes, we do that.
Sometimes we start a bit smaller.
We paint your dining set.  We do that too.
Like this:
Persnickety's custom dining set...certainly not color averse!
Or we find the perfect piece to bring some color into your life and build your look around it.
Persnickety's Vintage Ethan Allen Armoire in Duck Egg with copper glaze 
The copper glaze and dark antique bronze hardware pull browns and make everything "go"...even if the color makes you a bit antsy. 
Just breathe :)
It's gonna be ok...and look!  It goes with brown!
Issue #2:
Big Walls.
How the heck are you supposed to make a house seem cozy when you have a big giant empty 20 foot high wall of blankness?
This photo and frame wall works beautifully well and we always have a stock of pretty painted frames for ya:
Courtesy of our friend and customer Cassandra from Cassandra Hamilton Photography
But we also really love a great big old chippy window as a focal point.
This one is complete with an amazing and large vintage church pew. 
Finds from Persnickety's designer Rachel from Holy Craft, in their wonderful new home.
And there's really nothing like a marvelous piece of furniture with a touch of color to pretty up a big space:
Persnickety's own sideboard, "Woody" his fab new home.
Issue #3
 "I live in a house of boys and there's nay a girly thing in the place".
For this, treading lightly may be the answer
(for you can always add more later and no one wants an unruly house of boys turning on you).
Find a useful piece that has girlish bones in a man-palatable tone
(with a hidden pop of color that makes you giggle).
Sweet grey and white vanity from Persnickety's designer Good One, Den
This vanity found its home in an entryway of a dude filled home.
The pink inside the drawer made the lovely lady who purchased it squeal. That made me squeal.
It was a lovely thing to see.
And she reports no dude freak outs.
Design challenges...we all have them in our homes.  
But it's nothing a little Persnickety can't fix!
Got a design challenge?
Shoot it to me at
and maybe we can tackle that sucker together on our next installment of Design Challenge.
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  1. thanks for the "feature" this is a great post!!

  2. We are so in love with Woody, it has changed the feel coming into our home and spurred on more injections of personality into our decor. Thanks so much for your great work. Awesome article too :)

  3. Thank you ladies! Kimberly, that is just the coolest :)) And Woody found the perfect home with you guys, which is just the best thing ever. xo!