Saturday, October 13, 2012

Handmade Gorgeousness and a Rant.

No matter how many talented, artistic, amazing people I meet and have the privilege of knowing...
...I am always so impressed by what people are capable of.
A new line of gorgeous handwoven scarves and cowls by Inga of Dunthor Design is in shop, here are just a few of her pretties:

"Autumn" favorite!
I mean, how cute, right?  :)
Inga also does these fantastic wire wrapped bracelets.   

Another new designer is in our midst as well, her name is Desiree and she's pretty dang awesome.
Hotsy and fancy faceted necklace.

Gorgeous bracelets too!
Love our collection of bracelets by Amy!
There's lots of her cuteness in shop!
 Michelle of Shell's Beads is always amazing
New necklaces now in!
 Her hand beaded rings are killer.
Another new necklace...Love.
And check out the funky fun from Jennifer!!
PBR tab bracelets?  Yes please!! 

Great big crocheted Tiki God? 
I heart all things quirky.
Cool stuff!  Right?
I am astounded by the very originality and beauty in each piece.
So now, will you allow me a rant?
If not, stop reading here and have a great day!
If you stuck around for the rant, thanks for listening.
I have to say... in this Pinterest, bloggy, Facebooky age in which we live there's no shortage of inspiration to see. 
And what was once "original" grows into a trend that you see everywhere.
Think chicken wire frames, mason jar soap dispensers (guilty!).
As a small brick and mortar business that supports many artists in the community I can tell you there is a consequence for all of the idea sharing. 
A whole lot of stealing.
"So"..., you ask,
are you saying copying items to the T and then selling those items is theft?
I don't know the answer.
I know that my brain is evolving a bit as a shop owner.
And my evolved brain may have a problem with that.
That may mean that evolved brain will then have a problem with a couple of things in my own shop.
Maybe so.
 But as the old adage goes:  There is truly nothing new under the sun.
And this is true.
It is a fine line. 
Who knows what's really original, anyway?
Who knows?
I'm sure I am incidentally guilty of it. 
I painted something grey and so did someone else and I didn't know...I mean...who can be so overly vigilant to know who has done what and whatever?
If you get right down to it, in this digital age no one cares about stealing ideas until theirs are stolen, right?
All I know is the more it happens, the more I want to mama bear the designers that grace us with their hard work and talent. 
The handmade jewelry, scarves, furniture pieces...they are special. 
The people that make them are special.  And talented.
Their items are born of local hands.
Created, not just "made".
Time, love, cost, and attention was poured into each detail.
Want to steal that exact item and sell (that is the key...make it for yourself all you want) it?
Not from Persnickety's designers.
Because that is stealing from someone who had a creative thought and that is not inspiring after all.
So, go be inspired, come here and get inspired, and support the people in your community that do this for their very livelihood.
Thanks for letting me rant for a hot minute.
And thank you for all of your support!

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